[Mediawiki-l] Delete User contributions and Logs

Lane, Ryan Ryan.Lane at ocean.navo.navy.mil
Wed Jan 30 14:54:05 UTC 2008

> Backing up the database is great - but I've yet to see a clear and 
> concise set of instructions for doing so which doesn't assume 
> a lot of 
> knowledge and experience on the part of the user. For example, I 
> exported all my pages once - and there were maybe 20 or so - 
> and could 
> not re-import. The default settings for memory wouldn't 
> permit it and I 
> never was able to figure out exactly what to tweak to get this basic 
> functionality working.


That documentation assumes a lot of knowledge? If you let me know what
isn't clear enough, I'll take the time to modify it.


Ryan Lane

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