[Mediawiki-l] Delete User contributions and Logs

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Wed Jan 30 10:21:48 UTC 2008

Backing up the database is great - but I've yet to see a clear and 
concise set of instructions for doing so which doesn't assume a lot of 
knowledge and experience on the part of the user. For example, I 
exported all my pages once - and there were maybe 20 or so - and could 
not re-import. The default settings for memory wouldn't permit it and I 
never was able to figure out exactly what to tweak to get this basic 
functionality working.

DanTMan wrote:
> ^_^ Actually, most of the maintenance scripts are just old cruft... Most 
> of them don't get any attention paid to them or are even maintained.
> Previously stated as per: emufarmers at gmail.com
> The only script I know of that's _confirmed_ to be safe to run under 1.11 is
> update.php, but most of them _should_ work.  Probably.  Anyway, would you
> run something called deleteOldRevisions.php without a backup?  :) 
> So running any of the mantenance scripts is fine, just don't be the 
> idiot that never backs up their database before trying something out. 
> Attempting to do anything involving database alterations is stupid if 
> you haven't backed up.

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