[Mediawiki-l] Upload doc file as image

Herta Van den Eynde herta.vandeneynde at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 22:42:16 UTC 2008

On 29/01/2008, Nelson A Li <nli at csc.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> In stead of creating a wikitext page to contain the contents of a doc file,
> I uploaded the doc file as an Image.  It works fine until I try to update
> the doc file.  I opened the file following the link on Image:FileX.doc page
> and make my changes.  Since I could not save it directly, I saved it to the
> HD of the local machine.  I then uploaded what I have just saved as a new
> version of the Image:FileX.doc.  I did not get any error or warning so I
> assume it worked successfully.  By now I think you know what I am going to
> say -- I did not get the updates.  The link in Image:FileX.doc page still
> points to the old stuff!  Anybody knows any solution?  Thank you in
> advance.
> Nelson
> Computer Sciences Corporation
> Registered Office: 2100 East Grand Avenue, El Segundo California 90245, USA
> Registered in USA No: C-489-59

Did you verify that it's not a browser cache issue?  (Try pressing the
<shift> key while hitting the browser reload button.)

FWIIW, storing docs in wikis isn't a good idea as you lose the ease of
reading and updating through the browser.  If you have Word documents
you want to migrate to wiki, there are  decent word to mediawiki
conversion tools around to help you.  We're using this one:

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