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Herta Van den Eynde herta.vandeneynde at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 21:11:12 UTC 2008

On 29/01/2008, 65s.mg at atlas.cz <65s.mg at atlas.cz> wrote:
> Hello. I need a help with importing dump to my wiki. What do I have to do for this and where can I get Wikimedia's wiki dumps? Thanks for any reactions. -MGrabovsky

Look at the bottom of the pages you want to export.  Often they belong
to specific categories.  Let's say you want to export pages belonging
to category "Greenland"
Select "Special pages" in the column on the left, then select "Export
pages" from the list.
In the field marked "Add pages from category, fill in the category
you're interested in ("Greenland" in our example ). and click the Add
button.  you'll now get a list of all categories with substring
"Greenland".  If some of them don't interest you, simply erase them.
Click the Export button, and choose to save the export dump to your computer.
You can then import the dump in your wiki.  By default, only WikiSysop
users can import dumps.

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