[Mediawiki-l] full size pictures of thumbnails in printable version

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 23:13:09 UTC 2008

Volker Stoppe wrote:
> Hallo together!
> I am new to the administration of mediawiki. A user asked me, if it is  
> possible to show thumbnail pictures in the printable version of a document  
> in full size.
> Is this somehow posisble? If yes, how do I realize it?
> Greetinx
> Volker

You could place each image twice, choosing one and hiding the other with 
CSS depending if the medium is screen ot print. But why do you want to 
do it? Users wille expect to print the same content, not getting a 
30x50px image expanded to the full page...
Plus, you'd be serving the full images on every view, regardless if 
they're displayed or not.

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