[Mediawiki-l] DefaultSettings for Tidy on Windows machines.

Michael Daly michael_daly at kayakwiki.org
Tue Jan 22 07:22:07 UTC 2008

Tim Starling wrote:

> Is there some problem with php_tidy.dll 
> that I don't know about? I've been using without any problems.

No, it works fine.

> The internal tidy works out of the box on Windows. The external tidy will 
> typically need configuration of $wgTidyBin. Why do you think it's more 
> surprising to use the reliable internal tidy than to ignore it and fail 
> due to a missing external tidy?

I don't.  I think it's surprising that internal Tidy is enabled by 
default and one has to dig through Parser.php and DefaultSettings.php to 
figure out why enabling an external Tidy doesn't work.  For *nix 
installations, it's not a default - the admin has to set up Tidy in the 
PHP install by compiling in the Tidy bits.  If you install plain vanilla 
versions for one Windows and one *nix wiki, you get two different 
default behaviours - Windows gets internal Tidy and *nix doesn't.

Versions ? to 1.6 got internal Tidy with PHP4 and no Tidy with PHP5. 
1.7 to 1.11 got no Tidy by default (and required a code fix by the admin 
in Parser.php to get it working) and now 1.12 gets Tidy by default 
again.  To be consistent with the previous several versions, I think 
that $wginternalTidy should default to false.


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