[Mediawiki-l] DefaultSettings for Tidy on Windows machines.

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Tue Jan 22 03:33:23 UTC 2008

Michael Daly wrote:
> I noticed a minor item with respect to the use of Tidy on Windows machines.
> Windows binaries for PHP usually include Tidy by default.  Unlike other 
> OS versions, the Windows users don't take an active role in including or 
> excluding Tidy.
> In DefaultSettings.php for version 1.12 (looking ahead a bit), I noticed 
> that the global for internal Tidy is set by testing for the inclusion of 
> the internal Tidy extension in PHP.  Parser.php will perform a check on 
> whether internal Tidy is available and selects that in preference to 
> external Tidy.  Hence, if LocalSettings.php is set to use Tidy, it gets 
> internal Tidy by default.
> If the admin doesn't realize that internal Tidy is in PHP and/or prefers 
> to use external Tidy (for whatever reason), he will be surprised that 
> external is not used unless he explicitly resets the internal Tidy flag 
> to false.
> Personally, I find this a "surprising" default setting.  I would expect 
> the internal Tidy flag to be false by default.
> I haven't put this in as a bug, since I'd prefer to see if others think 
> this is not an issue.
> PS - since internal Tidy has been knackered in Parser.php from 1.7 to 
> 1.11 inclusive (it only had PHP4 functions), I assume that internal Tidy 
> is not something most developers/admins think much about.  Hence this 
> change in Parser.php for 1.12 might not have been thought out in terms 
> of all OSes being used.

I only really considered Windows when I made this change, so I'm not sure 
why you think it's anti-Windows. Is there some problem with php_tidy.dll 
that I don't know about? I've been using without any problems.

The internal tidy works out of the box on Windows. The external tidy will 
typically need configuration of $wgTidyBin. Why do you think it's more 
surprising to use the reliable internal tidy than to ignore it and fail 
due to a missing external tidy?

-- Tim Starling

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