[Mediawiki-l] Including one article into another

Randall Hopper viznut at charter.net
Sat Jan 12 20:41:35 UTC 2008

Herta Van den Eynde:
 |Yes, you can do that easily.  The process is called transclusion.
 |Your Article 3 would simply contain
 |{{:Article 1}}
 |{{:Article 2}}
 |And Article 4 would be:
 |{{:Article 2}}
 |{{:Article 1}}

Is there a way to do this so that "What links here" on Article 3 is
"Article 1" and "Article 1"?

I think instead what happens by default is that "What links here" on
Article 3 is the many links "in" Article 1 and Article 2, instead of just
"Article 1" and "Article 2".



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