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Kilian Evang winkelklammern at texttheater.de
Tue Jan 8 21:31:20 UTC 2008

Oh. In that case, do you access your test HTML file through a web
server? Because if it is local, that's why Firefox doesn't block the
local link. In that case, the LocalLinks Firefox extension is probably
not working.

Am Dienstag, den 08.01.2008, 20:59 +0000 schrieb Charlie Markwick:
> Kilian
> Sorry I should have been more accurate. The HTML sources is where I
> copied the link from in the first case, that is the HTML source for the
> Wiki page the link is correct it just doesn't work!! 
> Charlie
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> Charlie ~
> Am Dienstag, den 08.01.2008, 12:58 +0000 schrieb Charlie Markwick:
> > I'm not sure what I would be looking for. As mentioned before the 
> > links are identical, in fact I copied the link bit form the source of 
> > the wiki page to create the simple html file I tried.
> HTML in the wiki source is parsed and modified by MediaWiki, and local
> links don't survive that as MediaWiki doesn't understand them. Open the
> wiki page in Firefox, press Ctrl+U and look for the link in the HTML
> source to see what I mean.
> ~ Kilian
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