[Mediawiki-l] Is there a way to limit the size of images uploaded

Grietinus Koops grietinus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 20:47:23 UTC 2008

I also encountered this problem.
However it does not seem to be related with the bytesize but more with the
imagesize. Whenever an image exceeds the size of approximately 1600 x 1600
pixels, the "Fatal Out of Memory" errors occur.
It is, as Norbert says, only when Thumbnails are involved...

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2008/1/5, Norbert Hoeller <nhoeller op sinet.ca>:
> I have run into problems as well with JPGs exceeding 1MB in size. Symptoms
> include upload confirmation pages that are blank, blank pages displayed
> when previewing/saving Wiki pages with thumbnails of the images, or 'Fatal
> Out of Memory' errors.  I have no problems displaying the full-sized
> image.
> My MediaWiki installation is on a shared hosting server, which has limits
> on the amount of available memory I can use.  My suspicion is that the GD
> code used to create the thumbnails is exceeding available memory - before
> it can create the thumbnail, it first uncompresses the JPG.  I have been
> trying to install ImageMagick on the sharing hosting server, but have not
> figured out all the changes required to the Make files so that it will
> install cleanly.  Installing just the ImageMagick binaries was not
> successful.  There are other, JPG-specific thumbnail conversion routines
> provided with Linux that appear to be less memory-hungry, but I suspect
> that would require changes to the MediaWiki code.
>         Norbert
> > Message from "Emufarmers Sangly" on Fri, 4 Jan 2008 18:09:02 -0500
> > This will work, but you might want to find out what's causing the errors
> in
> > the first place and tackle the original problem.  What are the warnings
> and
> > errors you're getting?  What image renderer are you using?
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