[Mediawiki-l] Is there a way to limit the size of image uploaded

Steve VanSlyck s.vanslyck at spamcop.net
Sat Jan 5 15:51:42 UTC 2008

Also, you should never change DefaultSettings.php. Make the changnge at the bottom of LocalSettings.php.

This will work, but you might want to find out what's causing the errors in
the first place and tackle the original problem.  What are the warnings and
errors you're getting?  What image renderer are you using?

On Jan 4, 2008 1:50 PM, Boris Epstein <borepstein at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are two parameters that determine how big a file you can upload. They are:
> 1) In /etc/php.ini:
> upload_max_filesize = 2M
> determines the maximum size of a file that PHP on your machine will take.
> Modify that first.
> 2) In ./includes/DefaultSettings.php
> $wgMaxUploadSize = 1024*1024*100; # 100MB
> MediaWiki specific upload size limit

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