[Mediawiki-l] Recent changes - setting number of days

Peter Velan pv0001 at dynapic.net
Sat Jan 5 09:37:32 UTC 2008

am 03.01.2008 12:54 schrieb Katharina Wolkwitz:
> Hi Peter,

Hi Katharina,
thank you for your thoughts ...

> there's a bug concerning the number of days for RecentChanges (which will be
> corrected in the next version), so you need to hack the code and make the
> following changes:
> In [your-wiki-directory]/includes/SpecialPreferences.php change the following line:
> $wgUser->setOption( 'rcdays', $this->validateInt( $this->mRecentDays, 1, 7 ) );

... but here I'm out of luck. Above code line is not in my version of MW
1.9.3. I suspect its from a more actual version of MW than mine (its
time to bring my MW up to date).


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