[Mediawiki-l] Including unmatched HTML tags in templates? How to?

Ken McDonald ken at pixologic.com
Wed May 30 18:20:24 UTC 2007

Sounds like the best way then is just to define some custom tags via 
PHP. Do you know if output from PHP tags is postprocessed in any way 
that would make this difficult?


Brion Vibber wrote:
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> Ken McDonald wrote:
>> I would like to define two templates, one being a "start" template which 
>> contains
>>    <div style="bunch of stuff">
>> and the other containing just
>>    </div>
>> However, the "</div>" is being escaped by the MW engine, so appears 
>> verbatim in the page, rather than functioning as an HTML end tag.
> That's not legal in the current MediaWiki parser.
> At the moment though it will "work" the way you want it if you enable
> the use of HTML Tidy as an HTML nesting sanitizer (install HTML Tidy and
> set $wgUseTidy) instead of the built-in tag balancing code.
> This behavior will eventually be normalized one way or the other for
> both modes.
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