[Mediawiki-l] Including unmatched HTML tags in templates? How to?

Ken McDonald ken at pixologic.com
Tue May 29 21:43:12 UTC 2007

I've thought of using tables, but they're not well suited for what we 
want to do. Entries in each column might themselves be quite complex, 
such as a paragraph containing sublists. Also, entries might have very 
different heights, which would leave vertical gaps in columns; we don't 
need or want vertical alignment between column elements, so this is 
highly undesirable.

I've tried <nowiki></nowiki> markup around the template contents, but 
that isn't working.

Are there any special character codes/patterns I can use to force '<' 
and '>' to appear in the generated HTML _without_ being escaped 
(converted to &lt; etc.)?

Thanks for the suggestion,

Jim Wilson wrote:
> Tables don't suffer from this limitation, so having a Template:start with:
> {|
> |
> and a Template:end with:
> |}
> should work just fine.
> -- Jim R. Wilson (jimbojw)
> On 5/29/07, Ken McDonald <ken at pixologic.com> wrote:
>> I would like to define two templates, one being a "start" template which
>> contains
>>    <div style="bunch of stuff">
>> and the other containing just
>>    </div>
>> However, the "</div>" is being escaped by the MW engine, so appears
>> verbatim in the page, rather than functioning as an HTML end tag.
>> Is there a way around this? I'm guessing the problem is that the MW
>> engine doesn't see matching start and end divs when it parses the
>> markup, and so decides that </div> should be interpreted literally
>> rather than as HTML.
>> Defining just a single template that wraps the tags around the content
>> is not an option; the stuff within the tags can be quite complex, and
>> our experience is that the standard markup is just too fragile to be
>> able to do that sort of thing.
>> We could of course just put literal divs into the pages, but that gets
>> messy, and also means we can't change the style in the future.
>> Many thanks for your suggestions,
>> Ken
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