[Mediawiki-l] hiding and sharing articles/namespaces to the public

Michael Daly michaeldaly at kayakwiki.org
Tue May 29 21:41:55 UTC 2007

revansx at cox.net wrote:

> I have no experiance doing various language wiki so the whole thing would be new to me. 

It's not hard - just follow the instructions in Manual:Wiki Family on 
the mediawiki web site.

 > The biggest concern/goal is for the user's experiance to be simple
 > and not have them need to keep track of what is where.

Use two simple but different domain names and use htaccess or virtual 
host to redirect to the appropriate wiki.

> What woudl be geat is if there is an extension that can force an update 
 > to a second wiki  such that only the protected wiki would user
 > editable and then the extention tag could be dropped in to the article
 > to push updates to the public wiki. That would be really slick!

I thought that this kind of approach could be used instead of fancy 
protection schemes for wikis that want to have a protected production 
system and an editable development version (e.g. wiki as instruction 
manual).  The difference is what gets seen rather than what gets 

> can we (the group) make it? 

Don't refer to yourself as "we"  :)  Yes, you can.


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