[Mediawiki-l] Templates stop rendering mid-page on largearticle on WP

HumanCell.org humancell at gmail.com
Sun May 27 08:58:00 UTC 2007

Thanks for pointing me to the comment in the html source and
Parser.php.  Is there any chance of increasing maximum page size just
a little to make the article render completely?

P.S. not sure why it'd be WP:OR the data is from a peer-reviewed
article (see the reference).

On 25/05/07, Ian Smith <ismith at good.com> wrote:
> HumanCell.org:
> >
> >
> http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Prolog_standards_compliance
> >
> > This page is still not rendering correctly on Wikipedia.  I ran some
> > experiments and have ruled out a syntax error in the article source.
> > It is either a bug in mediawiki or a resource limit on article
> > rendering.
> >
> > It isn't article size because on Special:Longpages it is in position
> 158.
> The page source isn't massive -- but with all those templates, the
> parsed version of the page would be huge (700k or so).  I'm guessing
> you're right, that you're hitting some kind of limit.
> Check the "view source" for that Wikipedia page, and you'll see this
> comment near the end...
> <!--
> Pre-expand include size: 292580 bytes
> Post-expand include size: 119256 bytes
> Template argument size: 20186 bytes
> Maximum: 2048000 bytes
> -->
> Parser.php adds this if the template expansion goes over a certain size.
> So it may be a limit in the parser.
> I have to say, I think your basic problem is that the page is just too
> darned big and complex.  From a Wikipedia point of view, it looks a lot
> like original research, which doesn't belong in Wikipedia, but in some
> other site which [[Prolog]] can refer to.  (See
>         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:OR
> From a technical point of view, yes, MediaWiki should be able to handle
> this... check out Parser.php, see if there's a limit that can be
> tweaked.  (I couldn't see one on a quick scan.)
> Ian
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