[Mediawiki-l] writing robots

Hiram Clawson hiram at soe.ucsc.edu
Fri May 25 19:18:35 UTC 2007

Good Afternoon MediaWiki Fans:

Before I pull all of my hair out here, can anyone tell me what I am missing in this procedure.
Am I following out of date documents here or what ?

I'm trying to write a robot to automatically add pages to a MediaWiki.  Something along the lines of:

I've been following the proper use of the save edit parameters at:

And sending the appropriate POST request to the wiki with a valid wpEditToken
obtained from the wiki with an action=edit call first.  I'm watching my POST
operation go out OK from my end, but the only answer I get back from
the wiki is "this page does not exist, would you like to edit it"

Is it clear to the wiki when it sees an incoming POST request with the URL action=submit:
That this is the result of the submit button "Save page" from the editform on the edit page ?
Is it just the actual POST variables in the message that direct the save activity at
the wiki ?

Anyone have any good pointers to recent documents about robot writing ?

My hair will appreciate your assistance,


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