[Mediawiki-l] Looking for extension 'Edit Notification'

Ian Smith johantheghost at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 16:33:03 UTC 2007

Dave Sigafoos:

> I am looking (have searched but not found) for an extension that would
> 'NOTIFY' the users that a page is currently being edited if they try to
> go into edit mode.

I'm not aware of anything that does this; and it wouldn't be easy.

The problem is that (as far as I know) MW doesn't track who is editing a page. 
The reason is that anyone can click "edit" (for example, to view the source, or
by accident) and then just go away forever.  There's nothing forcing you to
click "Cancel".  When you submit a change, that is when it checks whether the
version you originally edited is still the latest version, or if someone has
submitted a change since then.

So, to do what you're asking, you would have to do some guesswork; like
checking for people who clicked edit in the last 30 minutes (or whatever).  But
some of these people would still not be "really" editing; and some people who
are "really" editing might hold a page for longer than that.  This still might
be useful as a rough guide, though.

> I realize that the basic philosophy is what we call 'Optimistic Locking'
> (rose colored glassed).

Actually, MW doesn't lock at all, for the same reason; the model is
copy-and-merge, which most revision control systems use.  (See, eg., CVS,
ClearCase, subversion, etc.)


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