[Mediawiki-l] Templates stop rendering mid-page on largearticle on WP

Ian Smith ismith at good.com
Fri May 25 13:54:00 UTC 2007

> This page is still not rendering correctly on Wikipedia.  I ran some
> experiments and have ruled out a syntax error in the article source.
> It is either a bug in mediawiki or a resource limit on article
> rendering.
> It isn't article size because on Special:Longpages it is in position

The page source isn't massive -- but with all those templates, the
parsed version of the page would be huge (700k or so).  I'm guessing
you're right, that you're hitting some kind of limit.

Check the "view source" for that Wikipedia page, and you'll see this
comment near the end...

Pre-expand include size: 292580 bytes
Post-expand include size: 119256 bytes
Template argument size: 20186 bytes
Maximum: 2048000 bytes

Parser.php adds this if the template expansion goes over a certain size.
So it may be a limit in the parser.

I have to say, I think your basic problem is that the page is just too
darned big and complex.  From a Wikipedia point of view, it looks a lot
like original research, which doesn't belong in Wikipedia, but in some
other site which [[Prolog]] can refer to.  (See


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