[Mediawiki-l] action render, no toolboxes

Hiram Clawson hiram at soe.ucsc.edu
Thu May 24 18:18:02 UTC 2007

Good Morning MediaWiki Fans:

Are there any new options to the action=render operation:
to help avoid *all* the "toolbox" links in a rendered page ?  I'm finding
that fetching a page via action=render still leaves in the "[edit]" sections
with URL references back to the wiki.
(maybe others too ?  I'm just testing a simple page that has a section)
I'd like to avoid even those bits of code too, I don't want any URL references
back to the Wiki.  Perhaps in a newer version ?
I'm on version 1.8.2.

Or some combination of action=raw with other parameters ?

Thanks for your assistance,


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