[Mediawiki-l] Usage of Templates

Ian Smith ismith at good.com
Thu May 24 15:12:54 UTC 2007

> When I look at the actual template
> (http://www.seventh-star.net/wikific/index.php/Template:Endspoiler),
> looks fine-- it includes the documentation I added and everything. But
> there's a link to that template "template doc page transcluded" which
> guess isn't a default of MediaWiki, so it wants to be created.

What you're dealing with here is nothing to do with MediaWiki itself --
this "template doc page transcluded" stuff is all part of some
conventional structure that the Wikipedia people use to organise and
document their templates.

I'm guessing that you copied that template in from Wikipedia?  I can't
view the source, so it's hard to tell.  But basically your template
includes an invocation of a template called "Template:Template doc page
transcluded", which doesn't exist in your Wiki.  On Wikipedia, as far as
I can tell, that template is just a notice which is part of how
Wikipedia handles its templates.  (They create a sub-page called
"Template:xxx/doc" to hold the documentation for a template xxx.)

If you want to copy the whole Wikipedia template strategy, then you'll
need that template, and probably a bunch of other stuff.  Personally, I
wouldn't bother; just cut out the {{Template:Template doc page
transcluded}} call from your template.


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