[Mediawiki-l] "Recent Changes" RSS Feed from a Protected Wiki

Jim Wilson wilson.jim.r at gmail.com
Thu May 24 02:18:38 UTC 2007

I can't speak for RSSBandit, but SharpReader and NewsFox use browsers as
their session maintenance and rendering engines (IE and Firefox
respectively).  In SharpReader's case, if you are somehow able to visit the
wiki in the embedded browser and log in, you should be able to then pick up
the feed.  It's easier to do with NewsFox (just open the wiki login screen
in a new tab), but the same principle applies.

Hope this helps.

-- Jim

On 5/23/07, Norbert Hoeller <nhoeller at sinet.ca> wrote:
> Jim, thanks for the pointers!  Since I am looking for an RSS reader that
> is not browser-dependent, I downloaded SharpReader.  It successfully
> picked up a protected TypePad RSS feed, recognizing that it required
> authentication and prompting me for the access userid/password.
> When I tried to open the MediaWiki RSS feed, it failed with "Error parsing
> RSS XML: Undefined root element: html".  I had SharpReader validate the
> feed.  The HTML code that it dumped out was the Special:Userlogin page
> (line 55 was "<h1 class="firstHeading">Login Required</h1>").  I don't
> think it recognized that this was a protected feed.
> The reason I'm having this problem is that the Wiki implementation
> requires a login for both edit/create and read.  RSSBandit has no problems
> with a Wiki where anyone can read the content, since no authentication is
> required for the RSS feed.
>         Thanks, Norbert
> > I know you want to use RSSBandit, but you may want to try some other
> clients
> > first, just to check.  I'm not convinced that RSSBandit will handle HTTP
> > authentication requests properly (though it by all means should).
> > I've had good experiences using the NewsFox Firefox extension as well as
> the
> > SharpReader Windows client.  My advice is to try a few more clients to
> see
> > how well they deal with your feeds, and if it's just RSSBandit that
> keeps
> > choking, it may be time to switch.
> > -- Jim
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