[Mediawiki-l] Usage of Templates

Azurite azurite at seventh-star.net
Wed May 23 23:14:29 UTC 2007

Hi Ian & List,
Thanks for the help. Through some additional digging, I stumbled across 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Template_documentation, which I 
found to be pretty helpful, but there's still one thing I'm unclear on-- 
the "template doc page transcluded" or the "template doc page viewed 
directly." When I look at the actual template 
(http://www.seventh-star.net/wikific/index.php/Template:Endspoiler), it 
looks fine-- it includes the documentation I added and everything. But 
there's a link to that template "template doc page transcluded" which I 
guess isn't a default of MediaWiki, so it wants to be created. Or should 
it be? The Wikipedia page on this subject doesn't appear very clear (to 
someone like me, that doesn't really understand transclusion). Should I 
create that template, and include the same information as is here 
Or should it be something else? I'm not quite sure if it's meant to be 
general or specific, and I don't want to risk damaging the templates 
I've already set up.
Thanks again,

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