[Mediawiki-l] Server dead....bring the wiki back?

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Mon May 14 18:01:06 UTC 2007

On 11/05/07, David_S_Green at dell.com <David_S_Green at dell.com> wrote:
> As I was in the process of preparing to move our wiki, the server up and
> bought the farm. Good news  is I had a backup of the database directory
> (wikidb).....question is I need to restore that directory to a new
> server. This simply a copy of the original database directory, and it is
> not a database "dump'.
> Is there a way for me to resurrect the wiki from this? All the Mediawiki
> pages seem to cover is "moving" a wiki, not recovering one. I also have
> a complete copy of the wiki file folder (localsettings.php, images
> directory, all other directories).

Depends on what files were backed up. MediaWiki uses both InnoDB and
MyISAM tables; the former stores all data in "InnoDB data files",
which defaults to being a single "ibdata1" file stashed somewhere
according to the server configuration. MyISAM splits tables up into
definitions, data and indexes. You'll need both to effect a decent

I had a recent discussion with a user in IRC where this was the case;
it seems that restoring the backed-up files to their appropriate,
corresponding locations on the new server did the trick. You should
check the output of SHOW TABLES when done, and run a few simple
selects, e.g. SELECT * FROM page LIMIT 1; to check that the data seems

Rob Church

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