[Mediawiki-l] Hebrew Name for Wiki Project

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Mon May 14 17:18:50 UTC 2007

On 14/05/07, arnonh at tapuz.co.il <arnonh at tapuz.co.il> wrote:
> I'd like to change the name of the site (and, accordingly, the main
> namespace) to a Hebrew one, but writing that name as the value of
> $wgSitename (and $wgNamespace) in LocalSettings.php - does not work. The
> system does not recognize the name.

Be sure to set $wgSitename (and other configuration variables) *after*
the line that references includes/DefaultSettings.php.

There is no $wgNamespace configuration variable. You want
$wgMetaNamespace. Note that changing this name will cause existing
links to the project namespace (using the old sitename) to break.

Rob Church

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