[Mediawiki-l] Fixing database after lost images

John Pye john at curioussymbols.com
Mon May 14 13:19:58 UTC 2007

Hi Rolf,

Rolf Lampa wrote:
> John Pye wrote:
>> I tried to run management/rebuildImages using php5 CLI but it fails with
>> a message about failing to connect to the database with user = root and
>> no password. I couldn't see where to set the password (I tried modifying
>> php.ini but that wasn't it). So I can't see how to run this script, either.
> Set user and pwd in the AdminSettings.php file, or if never used before 
> it's probably named "AdminSettings.sample" (same root folder as 
> LocalSettings.php). This file should contain the following text:

Thanks that was exactly the problem. Somehow I missed setting up

My problem now is that the image database has all these files that it
expects to be there, but they're not there. Is there anything I can do
to make the mediawiki database keep only the images for which the
uploaded files are still present, ie not lost?

I tried the 'importImages' script but it won't import lost images
because they're still present in the database.

I tried the 'cleanupImages' script but it doesn't seem to clean up anything.

What seems to be required is a 'dropMissingImages' script or something
like that. Depending on how the database is designed this might not be
architecturally possible, I guess.

Any thoughts?


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