[Mediawiki-l] sysop password

Klaus Becker colonius at free.fr
Tue May 8 19:49:43 UTC 2007

Am Dienstag, 8. Mai 2007 16:38 schrieb Klaus Becker:
> Hi folks,
> I cannot connect as sysop. While installing my wikisite, I created an
> account WikiSysop (porposed by mediawiki) with a password I wrote down on a
> paper, so I am sure of it. But later on, wiki tells me the password is
> wrong.
> I deleted LocalSettings.php, I installed the site again and I indicated the
> same password. That changed nothing. When I try to connect as sysop and I
> ask to send me a new password, wiki tells me that sysop has no email
> account.
> I tried with firefox and galeon.
> So what can I do ?
> cheers
> Klaus

There really seems to be a problem with Sysop password. I tried a brand new 
installation of Mediawiki 1.9.3 on my computer, and I cannot connect as 
WikiSysop ! While searching on the web I see I am not the only one who has 
this problem.

The solution I found is :

UPDATE user SET user_password=md5(concat(user_id,'-',md5('mynewpassword'))) 
where user_name ='WikiSysop';

found several times, for example at 

how do I find the user_id for WikiSysop ? How to execute this command on 
Linux ? I suppose it is a mysql-command ?


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