[Mediawiki-l] Public Reposting of this List

Michael Daly mikedaly at magma.ca
Tue May 8 00:51:42 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:

> There is a difference, but not a very big one.

I've never had an e-mail address collected from a mailing list.  I have 
had e-mail addresses collected from web sites.  E-mail spiders run all 
the time.  I'd say there's a _very_ big difference.

On usenet, I can use a fake e-mail address.  On my web site, I can use 
hidden e-mail addresses.  On this mailing list, I don't have such an 
option - if  the e-mail address isn't real, I don't get postings.  I 
want the posting; I don't want the spam!


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