[Mediawiki-l] Sudden problem with some greek andcyrillic letters

Sylvain Machefert iubito at gmail.com
Mon May 7 17:32:31 UTC 2007

I try the other idea I had.
- I create a page_title_blob field in wiki_page table, which is a binary
- sometimes, a query update wiki_page set page_title_blob=page_title
In case of problem
- a query update wiki_page set page_title=page_title_blob

If the binary blob is well dumped/imported, then a simple query could repair
page_title field.

In a first time I planned to do it with complex php script, but Database
class is a bit obscure for me, so I tried with queries in PhpMyAdmin, and it
seems to work.

2007/5/7, Brion Vibber <brion at wikimedia.org>:
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> Sylvain Machefert wrote:
> > Hi Tim,
> > is "Mysql 5 binary" schema working on MySQL 4.1-11 ?
> In theory, however it may have some issues as it is not well tested.
> > is there a way to upgrade the datas to this better schema ?
> We don't have an automated conversion worked out at this time, but you
> could probably do it with appropriate ALTER TABLEs. Might need some sort
> of conversion applied somewhere. Let us know if you work it out. :)
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Sylvain Machefert

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