[Mediawiki-l] putting my site online

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Sun May 6 10:42:12 UTC 2007

Klaus Becker schrieb:
> Am Samstag, 5. Mai 2007 22:19 schrieb Platonides:
>> /~katalogd/skins/common/images/kd.gif was not found on this server.
>> I see you have images linked with [[Bild: prefix which is on German
>> language, but the wiki is configured in French, so it will only work
>> when linking wit the [[Image: one. You can set $namespaceNames[NS_IMAGE]
>> = 'Bild'; to have them recognised.
> In which file can I set that ? Can I set multiple strings like "Bild", "Image" 
> etc ?
> If this is not possible, what can I do to get the whole site work in french ? 
> Is there a way to replace all "[[Bild:" by "[[Image:" ?
> That would be great for the moment, but later on, I would like the site to 
> work in german and french, perhaps even in other languages.

[[Image: shows images on every language, as it is the original english 
namespace name. Plus, the translation set at $namespaceNames[NS_IMAGE] 
also shows them, as well as being the official image namespace name.
As the French translation sets (languages/messages/MessagesFr.php) 
$namespaceNames[NS_IMAGE] = 'Image', that was the only name you could 
use in your wiki.

You can have the site on multiple languages. Just use the proper name 
for including images.

>> Have the data been rightly imported? Double utf8 title
>> http://start1g.ovh.net/~katalogd/index.php?title=%C3%83%E2%80%B0changes_d%2
>> 7id%C3%83%C2%A9es suggests it wasn't.
> Double title ? I corrected the page and now it works:
> http://start1g.ovh.net/~katalogd/index.php?title=%C3%89changes_d%27id%C3%A9es

Not really, follow the link i gave you

The title has letters (É é) utf8 encoded (É é) and those chars encoded 
utf8 another time (É é).
Due to the way MediaWiki stores the utf8 in binary latin1 schemas, it's 
not strange to have mysqldump corrupting the text by doing encodings "by 
their own".

You probably need to apply a utf8 decoding to the page titles to have 
them right before you start creating pages with only a utf8 layer.

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