[Mediawiki-l] Moving the wiki (wycan: to exclusive)

Jim Laurino wycan.y.jimlaur at dfgh.net
Fri May 4 16:37:12 UTC 2007

On 05/04/2007 11:33:19 AM, David_S_Green at Dell.com wrote:
> All,
> I know there is an extensive section on MediaWiki.org about moving a
> wiki to a new server, but I have hit a wall.
> I have the wiki running (used the same version to create a new instance
> on the new server), I copied over my images, localsettings.php,
> adminsetting.php, etc), I made a backup (dump) of the original database
> using mysqldump, and finally I re-imported the database to the new
> location using the same tool. However, my wiki is not showing ANY of the
> data from the original instance of the wiki. The only thing I have is my
> wiki logo in the upper left hand corner.
> Did I miss a step somewhere? Has anyone had any experience moving to a
> new server?
 Here are my notes on what recently worked for my move:

 on the old server I ran:
 mysqldump -B wikidb -u wikiuser -p >wiki-dump.sql
 (note: -B option puts a create database statement in the dump)
 The dump file created is a sql script to create the database.

 on the new server I ran mysql (not the mysqldump tool)
 to execute the dump script: 
 mysql -u root -p <wiki-dump.sql

 This created the new database in MySql on the new server.

 then in MysqlAdmin on the new server
 I created wikiuser as the wiki access account

 and granted wikiuser full privileges on the new wikidb
 and granted wikiuser select and references on the 2 system databases
 and put this wikiuser logon information into LocalSettings.php

 (I have not seen documentation of the minimal privileges needed.)

 Jim Laurino

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