[Mediawiki-l] Hook for special grouplist?

Jens Vieler jens.vieler at FernUni-Hagen.de
Fri May 4 08:45:02 UTC 2007


Lane, Ryan schrieb:
> You can't just make a special LDAP group, or are you saying your group
> is in some external (non-LDAP) application/database? If it is the
> latter, you could add a hook to the authenticate method in the ldap
> plugin, and add your code in that hook. I'd accept that into the plugin
> (the hook that is).

thanks a lot.

no, we can't change the LDAP-attributes. first we want to ask the 
LDAP-server weather the user exists and the given password is the 
correct one - this works fine for all our known LDAP-users. in a second 
step (hook) i want to ask a external 
application/database/flatfile-user-list if the user is a member of a 
group which should work with that wiki. for example: "is this student 
(user) a member of that course (group)", while the course-membership 
isn't part of the LDAP-entry.

my question: is there a standard entrypoint where to add a hook? or 
should i add my code-snippet in function authenticate() just after the 
global definitions and return a false if membership-control failes?!?

thanks a lot

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