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Jim Wilson wilson.jim.r at gmail.com
Tue May 1 01:57:59 UTC 2007

If you're using MW 1.8.x or above (maybe even 1.7.x - not sure), this should
"Just Work".

If you're using MW 1.6.x or below, this feature hadn't been implemented
yet.  You have a few options:

1) Move [[Juice]] to [[Template:Juice]] - templates will purge pages which
transclude them at render time.

2) Get a page purging extension like this one and add <purge /> to the
transcluding pages:

3) Upgrade (assuming you've got PHP5 at your disposal).

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

-- Jim R. Wilson (jimbojw)

On 4/30/07, Benjamin Kallos <kallos at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am having trouble getting embedded articles to update within the
> container files.  Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this?
> Here is an example of my problem.
> I have two articles, Juice and Glass.
> I have embedded my Juice article in the Glass Article using: {{:Juice}}
> Now the content of my Juice article was Orange when I embedded it, but
> now the Juice article contents read Apple.  Alas, The Glass article
> still displays the juice contents as Orange.
> How do I make sure embedded articles update properly?
> Regards,
> Benjamin
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