[Mediawiki-l] URL redirect

Jérémie Bouillon jeremie at shadowfrance.net
Wed Jan 31 03:48:29 UTC 2007

Kemsley Eric wrote:
> Hello, I downloaded mediawiki today and installed it
> and it works! Running on fedora core 6 and is located
> in /var/www/html/wiki . But, I want the url to be
> http://wiki.mysite.org as it is now it's
> http://mysite.org/wiki
> I know mod_rewrite is working as I have 3 sites on
> this server and all are working fine.

Why use URL redirect or mod_rewrite to do this? Just set up your 
webserver to serve the site matching the DNS entry wiki.yoursite.tld 
from /html/wiki/ or whatever.

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