[Mediawiki-l] Looking for experienced WikiPedians to help run a new wiki

aretai aretai aretaiuc at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 10:09:31 UTC 2007

I'll support you if you'll name your son Aretai;)


On 1/30/07, Sam Odio <sam at bluwiki.com> wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> I'm looking for help with a project I started a few years ago.
> BluWiki is a free wiki host, which was started to allow anyone to
> publish online.  There's no censoring or annoying advertising.    Its
> still pretty small, with an average of maybe ~300 edits / day.
> However I think it has a lot of potential.  I'm looking for some
> experienced Wikipedians to help me improve and maintain the project.
> No technical knowledge required...
> If you're interested, shoot me an email.
> Although BluWiki isn't making any money, I can try to compensate you
> non-financially.  This might include:
> - Rights to my first born son
> - Server space / shell access on a dedicated Gentoo machine w/ plenty
> of spare resources (please don't abuse..)
> - A percentage of any donations to BluWiki
> - A major role in the future direction of the project
> - Anything else you can think of that's fair...
> Thanks!
> -s
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