[Mediawiki-l] [OT] wikis "sales pitch"

Frederik Dohr fdg001 at gmx.net
Mon Jan 22 09:10:02 UTC 2007

> I have created a first draft of items that I think should (or might) be
> in such an initial introduction to wikis.
> Due to the restricted formatting options here (and because I hope for
> contributions), I've chosen to publish it as a wiki page:
> http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Wiki_sales_pitch

This page has become quite a nice collection of thoughts on the topic by
Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

The only thing that bugs me now is that it's still located in the Wikia
Scratchpad; after all, the quality of that article has certainly passed
the scratchpad phase by now (if a wiki page ever does, that is).
Is there something more permanent (or prominent) we could move this to?

-- F.

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