[Mediawiki-l] <pre>

Mauro do Carmo mauro at carmo.info
Sun Jan 14 00:53:35 UTC 2007

Thanks for the tips, but I really would like the same effect of <pre> tag as the
blue backgroundcolor, the border, and the rectangular format, all of that within
the limit of the border of the browser's window.

Normally if you use the tag <pre> and type a long line within it, the line goes
forever in the horizontal over the browser's window. I have even to scroll right
the page in order to see the long line. I don't want that. I want the line break
naturally when it reaches the vertical border of the browser's window.

Thanks you so much, []'s mauro.    


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|What i did in this case:
|indent with
|: indented
|<code>formated text</code>
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|Mauro do Carmo schrieb:
|> Hi all,
|> I was wondering if it is possible to use <pre> in a such way that it doesn't
|> expand over the limit of the brouser 's window. I mean, that <pre> would have
|> similar effect as <blockquote> without the indent.
|> Thanks a lot, []'s mauro.
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