[Mediawiki-l] Thoughts on Sales Pitch

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Jan 13 20:32:11 UTC 2007

Ittay Dror wrote:
> here are my points:

  in a linear stream, which is not easy. doing it in a CMS 
system is cumbersome.

  in a wiki, you write a concept and if it relates to 
another, you put
  in the text [[another concept]]. then, when you submit, 
you click on the resulting link

in some words, it's an dynamic hypertex system.

in an hypertext, some words are linked to other pages.
in a wiki such links are instantly made as of writing, 
anybody can write and add his part

however the hyper linked page is not created at the moment.

if I can give my opinion, if you try to advocate the wiki 
(or anything else), it's a good idea to

* give a very short summary like the words here
* then list and comment all the problems: some syntax, need 
help from others, not sure to come, need some administration 
(vandalism, security, sysops...)
* after that, only, list and discuss all the advantages. 
ease of use, simpleness of basis editing (fixing typos...), 
ease of collective (team) work...
* give a very short conclusion: we can manage the problems 
and we need the advantages, here is a test site and a short 
help document (prepare a one page pdf document about wiki 

be short (not more than a half an hour) and you can win :-))


Votez pour nous, merci - vote for us, thanks :-)

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