[Mediawiki-l] Categories issue..

Thomas, Arjun Arjun.Thomas at ps.net
Wed Jan 10 06:14:00 UTC 2007

Well.... For e.g. :If you were to group restaurants in various cities under cuisine titles.... You'd have the following logical structure.

	New York
- Italian
- French
- Indian	

- Italian
- French
- Indian.

Now, while working with the current categories in mediawiki. If I were to group a restaurant under "Italian" in the city of New York and do the same with a restaurant in Paris. They would both be grouped under the same category "Italian". Whereas I would like them to be in 2 separate areas i.e: an "Italian" sub-category under New York and another "Italian" sub-category under Paris...

I know this explanation is long winded but I'm really trying to figure out a way around this hurdle.... Any help would be most appreciated..

Thanks in advance!!!!

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What do you mean by "hierarchy management"?


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