[Mediawiki-l] UTF-8 problems in Mediawiki

Jeff Lane jeffl at valvesoftware.com
Fri Jan 5 09:58:42 UTC 2007

Christian Lerrahn wrote:
> my Mediawiki 1.7 can't display any UTF-8 characters. My MySQL server
> defaults to UTF-8 and my tables usually have collation latin1_bin. This
> is exactly how things were set up when I installed Mediawiki. However,
> my interwiki links did not work until I changed the collation of
> column iw_prefix to latin1_swedish_ci. Even now I cannot use any UTF-8
> characters in Mediawiki. I have another install that runs most columns
> (not all) on latin1_swedish_ci and there UTF-8 seems to work fine. I'm
> now wondering if I have to manually change my columns on the
> non-working install to latin1_swedish_ci or if there is also a way of
> getting this to work with the latin1_bin columns.

Did some more digging on this. The "stock" answer I keep seeing in my
searches is that you should keep the database in latin1. But that doesn't
seem to work any longer since we're having problems with latin1 interwiki
link tables.

After reading your solution, I went in and manually changed collation of the
mw_interwiki table from 'latin1_bin' to 'utf8_general_ci' and it appeared to
work (interwiki links started working). However, I have no idea what other
problems this might cause. Doing that might not let me re-import a database
dump correctly. There's currently no unicode characters currently in our
interwiki table though, so maybe it doesn't matter. The collation of my
database is also set to utf_general_ci, with all tables other than
mw_interwiki set to latin1_bin.

I did find this 
http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki?view=rev&revision=17549 recent
work  by Brion in SVN, and I wonder if it will be of assistance when 1.9 is
released. Perhaps he can comment on that.

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