[Mediawiki-l] Recent PHP upgrade killed Mediawiki?

Stefan Wahl sx03 at freenet.de
Wed Jan 3 16:52:09 UTC 2007

Hi Tim!

It seems that eAccelerator under FreeBSD has the same Bugs as the 
Windows version. Version 0.9.5 crashes if protected functions are used. 
See ticket #231 on the eAccelerator bugtracker. Sorry for not pointing 
to this earlier, but I never heard that this occurred on a system 
running a non-windows OS.

> I tried to recompile eAccelerator after all of the other updates 
> were complete and that mad no difference.

The latest snapshot shall have a fix for it, but I haven't tried yet.

> It appears that there is some 
> issue with mediawiki, php v5.2.0, and eAccelerator v.0.9.5.  Seeing that 
> none of my other php applications are having an issue I am guessing that 
> there is a bug somewhere in mediawiki's script that checks to see if you 
> are logged in or not.

JpGraph kills eAccelerator too. Theres no bug in MediaWiki but in 

> After out many different ideas my workaround 
> ended up being to add the following in my .htaccess file in my mediawiki 
> directory;
> php_value eaccelerator.filter "*.php 
> !/data/webapps/mediawiki-1.8.2/includes/*.php"

Disabling it completely works too: ;-)

php_value eaccelerator.enable "0"

Maybe it helps even it's a little late.


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