[Mediawiki-l] Way to redirect all pages to new server?

David_S_Green at Dell.com David_S_Green at Dell.com
Wed Aug 29 22:16:47 UTC 2007

I've setup the .htaccess file in the servers directory, and I've made
sure to set the AllowOverrides in Apache to "All"....but it doesn't seem
to make any difference. Nothing bothers to redirect...

Here is an example of what I have in the .htaccess file:
Redirect /oldwikidirectory http://newserver/newwikidirectory

Am I missing something? Something else I need to set in Apache?


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> I think if you do an .htaccess 301 redirect from one domain to the
> other, that'll take care of it for you, won't it?

.htaccess should work. Or, you can probably do something with the DNS
records, which would improve performance.

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