[Mediawiki-l] Install problems and deleteDefaultMessages.php (Bug 10862)

Jim Hu jimhu at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 27 17:15:39 UTC 2007

On Aug 27, 2007, at 11:32 AM, Brion Vibber wrote:

> Jim Hu wrote:
>> I just did my first install of 1.10.1 (most of my wikis are on 1.9.3)
>> and had MacOSX problems with the installer.  However, my usual fixes
>> didn't seem to work, and I wound up having to comment out the call to
>> deleteDefaultMessages.  I added a comment on bugzilla, but the bug
>> there is about linux and I wasn't sure how to change it to reflect
>> that I think it affects both linux and OSX.
>> In fact, I suspect that the bug is related to any OS where localhost
>> doesn't work for the apache user via the net installer.
> Doesn't work in what way?

I'm waving my hands here, so apply large amounts of salt to what  
follows.  In configuring our OSX server hosts, we assign a local  
hostname of machinename.local.  For example, my host dimer is  
dimer.local.  When I'm in the shell, I can connect to localhost, but  
when I connect to mysql via apache, it isn't recognizing localhost.   
It does recognize either dimer.local or dimer.tamu.edu as an allowed  
host for apache to connect to.  Note that this must be happening  
somewhere in the OS.  Even if I have localhost as a hostname for a  
wikiuser record in mysql, it fails to connect via apache, as it does  
when I have wikiuser with host=%

A possibly related phenomenon is that sometimes when I'm on my local  
network, the nameserver doesn't resolve localhost on a brower URL to  
my machine.  I have to give my machine's specific address instead of  

>>  My suspicion
>> is that somewhere in the installation, the installer is hardcoded to
>> use localhost instead of the host provided by the form...
> Nope.

Didn't think this was likely.

>> or it is
>> failing to reset the host from the form.  I'm not sure why this
>> doesn't fail until deleteDefaultMessages, though.
> Fails in what way?

That's the step where the installer consistently stopped for me last  
night after many attempts to tweak the wikiuser mysql privileges.  I  
should have saved the web installer output, but it was late and I'm  
trying to get the wiki up for a class that has its first meeting today.

The text put out by the installer included lots of places where it  
was successfully checking that tables exist in the database, which  
indicates to me that it was able to connect to mysql up until  
deleteDefaultMessages.  I can't figure out why it would throw a  
connection error at that step after making it that far.  But I  
noticed that deleteDefaultMessages is creating a "Mediawiki default"  
user to log the deletions.  Could that be causing the problem?   The  
User table was empty at the end of the install.

The other place I'm thinking there could be a problem is with the  
root user.  I put a non-root user (me) with all privileges, including  
grant, instead of root in the superuser field.  Could it be trying to  
use root instead of me?   But I would think that would cause a  
connection error much earlier in the install process.

I also just realized that when I get partway through, tweak the mysql  
users, and rerun, MW's installer is treating the second run as an  
update, not a fresh install.  That may be another source of problems.


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