[Mediawiki-l] Citation Citation Citation?

Sean O'Connor sean at transabled.org
Tue Aug 21 11:14:33 UTC 2007

> Check.

My reality check bounced ;)

> > 2- Don't assume that everyone who would use the extension has access to PubMed.
> Uh? I assume they have access to the internet... hence PubMed. They
> may not have access to the articles themselves, but that is not
> necessary for citation purposes.

No, you're right, but...  If you don't have access to PubMed, you may
not be familiar with PubMed, and as a result not able to use the
PubMed referencing system.

> > So, there you go, my 2 devaluated cents ;)
> At least your exports will be boosted!

Oh, so you're the silver-lining kinda guy, huh? <grin>


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