[Mediawiki-l] Changing IP addresses in the database?

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at fpms.ac.be
Tue Aug 14 07:23:14 UTC 2007

Sean O'Connor wrote :
> I want to edit a series of IP addresses showing up in the "recent
> changes" and in the "history" of pages.  I found the table
> mw_recentchanges, and did an update of the fields in question.
> However, these changes do not seem to reflect themselves when looking
> at the Recent Changes page, even after clearing cache, doing hard
> reloads of the browser and generally ensuring that the caching of MW
> doesn't affect things.
> I've looked at every other tables in the database, and can't seem to
> find anywhere else that the IP addresses are kept (well, there was one
> other table, but there were no records in there).

change it in mw_revision table then do rebuildrecentchanges.php in command line (which will upgrade mw_recentchanges)

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