[Mediawiki-l] using pretty URLs

Azurite azurite at seventh-star.net
Thu Aug 9 09:39:28 UTC 2007

> Does your host let you use .htaccess files? (Most decent hosts will.) If so,
> then yes: Read the short URL article.  If not, then no.
Yes, I do have access and editing abilities for my .htaccess files, but 
I already read the article, and this portion concerned me: "

If the Alias method is not suitable (for example, you use PHP as a CGI), 
you can use Apache *mod_rewrite* rules instead. mod_rewrite is an Apache 
module which allows certain request URLs to be changed into other URLs. 
mod_rewrite is fairly powerful, and also fairly complicated, but for 
short URLs only a simple rule is required. You can read the full 
mod_rewrite manual here 

Make sure Apache loads the Rewrite module."

I can't use the mod_rewrite rules unless I have root access, it seems, 
which I don't. I know there are two other methods for using the pretty 
URLs if you don't have root access, but will they work if I'm using PHP 
as a CGI module? I don't want to attempt the edit only to have to undo 
it because it doesn't work or causes problems.

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