[Mediawiki-l] Using external HTML Tidy (was: #if not working properly even with parserfunctions extension)

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 10:06:30 UTC 2007

Azurite wrote:
> I know that the Sourceforge release of Tidy is multi-platform and is a C 
> library, but I wouldn't have the first idea of what to do with the files 
> after downloading. Do they need compiling into a specific format? 
C files use to need compiling :)

> Is there a particular way of uploading them (a certain place) or way of 
> executing a particular file/files from MW? I know my server runs Linux, 
> but I don't want to run the risk of damaging anyone else's portion on 
> the server, if that's the concern my host has with me using an external 
> version of Tidy. Of course, if that's not a risk at all, I'd like to see 
> if I can get it working, just so I can get my infoboxes up and running.

It shouldn't risk anyone other's server portion. In fact, you shouldn't 
be able to. What could happen is that the restrictions in place block 
you from adding tidy.

> Is it doable, or should I just give up on ever having infoboxes? Is 
> there a way to get them working without Tidy?
> -Azurite

Tidy shouldn't be needed for most infoboxes :S

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