[Mediawiki-l] Email password not working for some users

Rotem Liss rotemliss_net at fastmail.fm
Sat Oct 28 10:03:52 UTC 2006

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Imtiyaz S. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I get the email with new password when i do "Email forgotton password" on 
> the login page of teh wiki, but old users are not getting emails about 
> forgotton passwords. i created a new user and tried, the email worked. But 
> all old users before i moved to a new server, it does not send teh password.
> i am runnign mediawiki 1.6 on linux.
> thanks
> imti

Which message do they get after they try to send a new password? Did they
confirm their E-mail address? Do they have their E-mail address properly set in
the database? Check the table: is user_new_password updated after they send the
E-mail? Is there some field which is different between the old and the new
records (except for these which should be different between accounts, e.g.
user_id, user_name, user_password, user_email, etc.).

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