[Mediawiki-l] Site mirror or copy

Mauro do Carmo mauro at carmo.info
Mon Oct 23 05:50:49 UTC 2006

Ok... I get it!!! I get it!

I have a perfect copy of my site running perfectly... thank to you guys... 

However, there was something that really troubles me:

Those configurations about Collation utf8, or utf8 bin, or latin, etc. are really problematic... and I am afraid of not being doing
the right kind of dumping for backup.

I was dumping my Database, and after importing it to a different DB_. After that, I was getting problems with my collation... my
accentuations was completely odd what caused several broken links.  

Any one could give some insite here?

Thanks, mauro.

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|Thanks  Kasimir Gabert,
|Anyone could assure me that this would work? Or  perhaps, there is another
|way I could set my phpMyAdmin to generate a  db_domain with
|another name when I dump it.
|Thanks  mauro.
|You can never be sure until you try. It sounds right to me. The dump likely
|includes database names from the database being dumped. Even if you change a
|name readily visible at the top of the dump, their could be other instances
|further down. "Find and replace" (ctrl + H in Windows) can be used to replace
|every instance of the original database name in only one  operation.
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