[Mediawiki-l] Saving a page, much later

laurent laurent at sem.ca
Wed Mar 29 14:55:27 UTC 2006

Arthur Guy wrote:
> I have found sessions time out if left for a while, the remember me
> thing uses a cookie to log you in again when you move to another page,
> this is obviously happening after the save process.
> You may be able to adjust your php.ini file to increase the timeouts, or
> I may be completely wrong about the whole process?
I've scanned my php.ini file and the onyl semi-relevant entry i could 
find is:
; Default timeout for socket based streams (seconds)
default_socket_timeout = 60

I know it must not be this one because pages left open for several 
minutes will still save immediately. It's only after several hours that 
the timing out seems to occur. Would there be other timeout mechanisms, 
possibly in mediawiki itself?



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